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What exactly are coffee pods, you ask? They are not little spaceships in which coffee travels through space, though the term may induce such thoughts. Other than that, the term doesn't exactly endow itself with a ready explanation.

Basically, they are small, single serve packages of coffee that come wrapped in their own filter. They can only be used with certain types of coffee makers, called pod brewers, but they can be far more convenient. Imagine not having to worry about buying filters and grind seperately, or pouring grinds or water whenever you want just one cup of coffee. Unfortunately, this convenience is a bit more pricey than your standard cheap coffee maker. Coffee pod brewers, while still fairly budget friendly, are not nearly as cheap as the old standard. Also, there are many different manufacturers of coffee pods brewers, and not all brewers are compatible with all pods, so there is sometimes confusion as to which brewers use which pods.

Coffee pods are, however, fortunately kind of an open format. They do require special pieces of equipment to brew, but pretty much any company can make and sell both the pods and brewers, which means that once you obtain your brewer, there are plenty of options as to where to get the coffee pods themselves. Although there are plenty available for as little as $5 per package, the more premium pods can easily cost in excess of $30 per set. Of course, if you sample both, and they each taste just the same to you, then there's no reason to spend the excess money on the more expensive pods. Also, there are ways to make your own, and it's not too terribly difficult, though the time involved probably negates any convenience gained from using coffee pods in the first place.

Brewers for coffee pods vary wildly in price, ranging from $10 to well over $400 for personal one cup brewers, and upwards of $1100 for those brewers intended for an office or commercial environment. Although they can be purchased both online, and likely in your regular department store, the best deals will likely be found from online distributors, if you can afford and are patient enough to wait.

If you haven't figured it out yet, coffee pods are quite a bit pricier than the every day coffee makers that have been around for years. The brewer itself will cost you more, the coffee pods aren't cheap, and they won't last you nearly as long as your typical filter and grounds setup. In return, however, you will get the convenience of having everything in one package, and the ability to brew coffee that's much more similar to what the retail places have to offer.

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Coffee Pods

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This article was published on 2010/03/29