Kenco Coffee; Their Instant Coffee Varieties

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Coffee snobs, we all know at least one. Actually, you might be shaking your head, wondering why anyone would even dream of calling someone else a snob for having exceptional taste, right? Well, if this sounds like you, then perhaps it's worth accepting the fact that it is in fact you who falls into this category. Sorry! However, we cannot blame you. In fact, you don't need to look back into the past too far in order to lay your eyes on a time in which instant coffee was something to be avoided. Yes, there shouldn't be much denying the fact instant coffee used to be pretty poor.

You might just have a memory or two of how bad instant coffee used to be and as such, there could well be a very good reason for your coffee snobbery, assuming of course that you fit that particular bill. However, there are brands who have striven to change this perception over the years and Kenco very much deserve recognition for their excellent work in the field of instant coffee. Still, before we start to look at Kenco coffee instant varieties, let's first take a look at the history of instant coffee and how this concept first came into being.

Well, ironically, instant coffee has a rather rich history if you will. Originally, the instant coffee concept began life in the nineteenth century. Admittedly, we are talking about the latter portion of the of the nineteenth century, but either way it's been a long long time since the first instant coffee brand began life and the latest range of Kenco coffee instant varieties hit our shelves. The first instant coffee was created by Mr David Strang of Invercargill, New Zealand.

Known as “Strang's”, this instant coffee doesn't differ that much from the varieties we can buy today, but with a little refinement and tweaking, the kind of instant coffee you can buy today, including Kenco coffee instant varieties have all come on a hell of a long way since that first marvellous invention in a sleepy New Zealand town.

So, these days, what are there in the way of Kenco coffee instant varieties?

Well, as a coffee lover, you will no doubt be pleased to learn that there are some very intriguing different varieties of Kenco coffee on the market these days, a variety which includes some of the finer tasting aspects of the more traditional, bean based beverage we have come to love and rely on so much. Even if you fancy a touch of the old decaffeinated coffee, you can pick up a wide range of instant Kenco coffee options.

From extra smooth to cappuccino, there are Kenco coffee instant varieties to suit all tastes. Mr Strang would no doubt be proud.

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As a coffee lover I thought that all should know more about Kenco Instant Coffee as this is one of the best drinks I choose in an instant coffee. There are loads of websites selling kenco they all have some great prices if you are looking to buy in bulk so the idea of my article was to tell you about the flavour you should be sampling today.

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Kenco Coffee; Their Instant Coffee Varieties

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This article was published on 2013/03/21