Organic Coffee Beans And Fair Trade

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These days everyone is going green and natural for the foods they eat, the clothes they wear and many other items they purchase. Coffee beans are no exception. There are many benefits to be found with Organic Coffee Beans such as the production without the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides. However, there are also other benefits that reach far beyond the consumer of coffee. Beans grown organically have much larger benefits to the environment and those who rely on fair trade to earn a fair living.

Organic coffee does not simply mean that no herbicides or pesticides were used in the growing process. It also includes other sustainability efforts such as composting, recycling, soil health and overall protection of the environment. These coffee beans are harvested in such a way as to do as little harm and damage to the environment as possible. This is why fair trade coffee and organically shade grown coffee are integrally tied together.

There are also benefits to the workers who harvest organic coffee for the fair trade market. Oftentimes, the workers who harvest coffee for large brand names do not receive fair wages or fair working conditions. However, with sustainable methods and a fair trade agreement, they not only have a safer work environment, but they also make livable wages to support themselves and their families. Not only do they support their families, but they also grow and sustain their entire communities.

Of course, coffee lovers also feel the benefits as well. First, beans grown with chemicals and pesticides strips the soil of its nutrients needed to grow plants adequately. This will affect the taste of the coffee. Furthermore, coffee drinkers do not consume these harmful chemicals that can get into the beans. Those who care about sustainability and the plight of workers around the world get the added satisfaction of knowing they are supporting a system that does minimal harm to the environment and fellow humans.

So Organic Coffee Beans help sustain the health of the environment, the workers who harvest the beans and the coffee lovers who consume the product. Organic growing maintains the habitat for farmers who have decided to pursue sustainable methods in order to preserve the ecosystem and do as little harm as possible while making a good living. Both farmers and coffee drinkers alike will find that coffee beans grown organically offer quality on many different levels.

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Organic Coffee Beans And Fair Trade

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Organic Coffee Beans And Fair Trade

This article was published on 2011/12/29