Pure3x Compensation Plan: Anti Aging Organic Coffee

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The Pure3x Compensation Plan promotes the organic Arabica coffee product as a way of earning residual income. This Pure3x business opportunity open doors for coffee lovers and drinkers to enjoy the health benefits of the coffee as well as the financial effects of the Pure3x Compensation Plan. Organic Arabica coffee beans are the most flavorful but expensive naturally specialized coffee competing in the specialized coffee market. The Arabica beans are the delicious coffee flavors that you can find only in specialty shops with mild and non-acidic taste. It is from the class of Arabica beans that the Gourmet coffee beans were produced. Although this class takes longer to mature, they produced dense coffee beans with better quality and lesser caffeine. They are grown sustainably without the use of pesticides. So, you can see that this class of beans will have better market value because of its superb gourmet taste.

The Pure3x Compensation Plan second level allows at least 9 distributors and about 27 distributors on the third level. The stages will continue until the member would reach full 12 levels. The commission is 4% of the direct selling or retail price of the product. However, for those people who do not have any interest selling, they can at least join the Preferred Customer Club, who agrees to receive at least 48 cases of Pure Energy every month for personal consumption. The first level which is usually consists of maximum 119 distributors would be able to receive residual income of $6 per recruited member assuming the role of a distributor.

The Diamond level requires at least 120 members to a maximum of 1374 distributors. If you feel you are good in making people realize the value of residual income, you would want to receive $6.50 per recruited member and help your distributor earn or recruit members too. Earning is never ending in the Diamond level. The technique is to know who among your friends love gourmet specialty coffee and ask them to join and earn.
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Pure3x Compensation Plan: Anti Aging Organic Coffee

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This article was published on 2011/01/27